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Growing Up: A Gardenerís Guide to Climbing Plants for the Pacific Northwest by Christine Allen

Deck the walls and fences, pillars and pergolas of your garden throughout the year with climbing, spreading and trailing plants. From winter jasmine and ivy to summerís rambling roses and clematis, Christine Allen tells you how to cover vertical surfaces of your garden with a variety of perennial and annual climbers.

Christine provides full descriptions of each plant arranged by season and tells you how best to enhance your garden with colour and variety. An invaluable source of information, for both the beginner and the expert.

With enthusiastic, logical advice from an avid green thumb, the book covers a yearís worth of climbing, spreading and trailing plants, the pros and cons, arranged by season. Information on soil requirements, pruning and pest control is provided.

Chapters include: The Mechanics of Climbers, Planting and Tending, A Note on Nomenclature, A Year of Climbers, and Climbers for Special Purposes

Roses for the Pacific Northwest by  Christine Allen

Sooner or later every gardener comes around to roses. Of all the flowers in all the gardens of the world, roses seem to exercise the greatest powers of attraction while at the same time generating the greatest apprehension and fear of failure. Let Christine Allen guide you as you choose your roses and care for your rose garden.

In this book the author describes what you need to do to prepare your garden for roses, how to select and nurture your new roses and the caring for roses that they will add beauty to any garden.

Chapters include: Choosing a Rose, Suitable Roses for our Climate, Preparing and designing the site, Amending your soil, Care and Cultivation, Year-round maintenance, Pruning, and  pest control.

Christine Allen is a writer and gardener. She is a member and past president of the Vancouver (BC) Rose Society. She teaches courses on rose care and cultivation at VanDusen gardens in Vancouver. Christine lives on a farm in Langley, British Columbia, and grows over 200 roses, among herbs and perennials in her large country garden. Her ambition is to cover every fence on her property with rambling roses.


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Growing Up: Climbing Plants - Allen (Trade paper)


Roses for the Pacific Northwest - Allen (Trade paper)


Herbs for the Pacific Northwest - Carlson (Trade paper)



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